Contributor | Typical BS is the epitome of pop/entertainment culture told from multiple perspectives. As owner of the site I take pride in making sure the content is true, resourceful and entertaining. As a contributor, you'll see me around when there's an occasional rant I need to get off my chest or something genuinely dope I had to fill you in on.

Editor-In-Chief | Alec Henderson is one bad mother fucker. Growing up around music festivals has lead him to his obsession with music, fashion, and everything out of the norm. Alec is not your typical blogger, he does not plan on giving the reader the same post you can read on every blog, instead he will give you the information exactly how he sees it, regardless of who it offends. Blogs are boring, so let's shake things up a bit.

Jeff Lambrich lives in the cereal city, Battle Creek, Michigan. His upbringing in Southern California has inspired his passion for music and film. Jeff is an Aerospace Engineering Major at Western Michigan University and plans to graduate in 2017. Despite his analytical nature, Jeff always has pursued opportunities in Journalism. Taking creative writing classes in his free time, and working for local newspapers and editors fuels his love for writing about the music we all enjoy.

Jade Ashley is currently in her senior year of college at SUNY Purchase where she is studying to earn her bachelors degree in Journalism. Her past experiences include being the music intern for where she handled all music related articles. She also runs her own music blog and web show entitled When The Beat Drops.

Sean is a student at Long Island University who studies media arts and entrepreneurship. He has produced several interviews at press events such as the Soul Train Awards for Typical BS. With Typical BS, he will bring daily updates from his own perspective & original productions pertaining to the urban/pop culture content such as music, fashion, and journalism.  

Danielle “Dani” Dixon is a recent graduate of the Art Institute in New York City. Dani studied fashion design, while interning for Peju Famojure in her first year. While completing her studies at the Art Institute Dani worked on her own collection of designs. In her spare time Dani loves to attend fashion shows, blog, and write about all the newest trends, designers, styling tips, and everything fashion!

Aleah “Li” Waksor is 21 yrs from Atlanta, GA and currently resides in New York. Li has been freelance writing within the pop and urban culture genres, and her all time fav romanticism! In her spare time she likes to do photography, and film.

I love movies, wanna study film, listen to hip hop religiously, I drink coffee, I give my opinions, yeah, Kanye is god, Thug is idol.

Carla McDuffie graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State University. Her love for music & other aspects of entertainment led her to pursue a career as an Entertainment Journalist. She has a variety or radio & television experience, from production to being on-air. At TypicalBs she will interview some of your favorite stars while also keeping you updated with the biggest events.

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