Vōx performing at the Pico Union Project in DTLA.

Vōx slays Pico Union Project


Vōx performing at the Pico Union Project in DTLA.

Vōx performing at the Pico Union Project in DTLA.

Off the release of her “I Was Born” EP on May 2, Vōx slayed the Pico Union Project in LA on Saturday with her new sound. What some call experimental pop, I would call existence pop – Vōx played after BOSCO who premiered new music along with Australian pop chick Bonaffee.


After the opening acts warmed up the crowd in the DTLA church, Vōx entered the stage looking something like Princess Leia in a wedding gown. She opened with audio filters that kind of sound like the iconic Daft Punk vocals layered on top of her naturally invigorating voice. At one point while I was there I literally felt like I was at a dark EDM themed wedding where the bride sounded like a sad Lana Del Rey. Her presence held an energy standing there on stage and combined with the power of her voice – you had no choice but to be engulfed by the “I Was Born” vibe for a moment. Vōx’s sound is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Banks and possibly a hint of Charlie XCX. Her show was complete with waves of bass, ambient background vocals and a heavy snare. The stage was draped with veils and brought to life by Vōx who played on a grand piano and what looked like a MIDI controller along with some strobe lights and visual effects. The Pico Union Project played the perfect venue for these three artists providing a chapel vibe in the middle of downtown LA by day, and an underground music venue by night. Vōx will be performing in New York City at the Jan Hus Presbyterian Church on June 1st to promote her EP – “I Was Born.”
You can find more information on itsmevox.com


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