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Ian Connor Teases Pastelle’s Release Date

Pastelle, for those who don’t know, was the brand by Kanye West that never was. Kanye in the early 2000’s was famously seen wearing these self-designed articles of clothing leaving hype beasts desperate to get their hands on the clothing. But the clothing never saw a release. That is until this year when Ian Connor seemed to have been given control over the brand as a “gift” from Kanye. Connor has been seen wearing the trademark Pastelle jacket Kanye wore in 2008.




Kanyes Gift To Me?

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Earlier today Connor posted via his Instagram a new shirt design for Pastelle along with the caption “May 14th.”

May 14th

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We speculate Ian is finally preparing a release for the long-awaited Pastelle brand. We will keep you updated as more information surfaces.


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