Here’s Why Drake Took “The Throne” off VIEWS

In the “Views” interview Drake had with Zane Lowe, Lowe was no stranger to ask about Drake’s decision to remove “The Throne” (Jay Z and Kanye West) from the track Pop Style. Drake in the interview was very clear that he only wanted Kanye on the track, and the verse was sent back to him with Jay Z opening the verse. A lot of people were disappointed by Jay’s very brief moment on the song. It seems now pretty clear that Drake removed the version of Pop Style with Jay and Kanye because the verse with Jay Z was thrown on his lap without his approval. Jay Z was never intended to be on the record.  Kanye, who is very close, and always stands up for Jay Z pulled a sly by sending Drake a Jay Z opened verse.Drake and Jay Z have been in a streaming battle as of late with Jay Z’s Tidal Service lacking Drake’s artistry. Drake seemed a bit timid to open up to much about his current relationship Jay Z, but it is clear from the interview there is currently a problem. We will post the full interview as soon as it becomes available.

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