Zach Boetto with Shweez and Kendo of Two Fresh at Coachella Music and Arts Festival on Saturday night April, 16th.

Interview: Two Fresh at Coachella 2016

Mad Decent artists Two Fresh hit Indio to perform at Coachella this weekend in the legendary Heineken House.


Los Angeles based artists known as “Two Fresh” performed in the desert at Coachella this weekend for their third time.

Two Fresh is a duo comprised of twin brothers from Nashville. The two artists have made their way into the LA music scene and are now producing for the likes of Team Supreme and Mad Decent.

After releasing their fifth EP called Torch in 2015 under the powerhouse label Mad Decent, Shweez and Kendo found themselves performing in the Heineken House Saturday afternoon (2:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.). At the hottest part of the day, the Heineken House was the perfect place to escape the heat and go see one of the illest and up-and-coming producer duos in the game right now.

We caught up with them just after their set for a few words.


Yo, so how did you prepare for your set today in the Heineken House?


Kendo: Mainly for something like this we wanted to play stuff that we like, stuff that we’re on right now. It’s basically playing are music and what we bump on a regular basis.


Shweez: Yeah so we brought out Njomza from off of our last EP and we also played a bunch of the homies like Reese, Towkio, and SaveMoney Gang, everyone coming up.



Did you meet Save Money in LA?

K: Actually we met pretty much in Chicago with our homie Zigga and that’s when we started making music together “Gettin Throwd” and “Still got it” with Vic Mensa and everybody.


Where are you guys from?

S: Nashville, Tennessee.


What’s the vibe like out there?

K: Well we started our project after we left Nashville. I mean we were making music in Nashville, and southern music has been a big influence for us.

S: Three Six Mafia and taking from that we have started infusing it with electronic music but it will always have that Tennessee rap feel.


When you got to LA what was the change like? Was it different?

K: The change was cool, we kind of switched from making only instrumental music to working with more vocalists and MCs, and it was more accessible.

S: We could link up with anybody it was dope. I think that was like the greatest move for us.


So what was the dopest venue you’ve played in LA so far?

K: We played Avalon, we’ve played El Rey, we’ve played a bunch of the spots you know.


Have you been to Santa Ana?

S: Yeah we’ve played the observatory with the underachievers and we opened up for Jhene Aiko. That was dope.

K: Yeah the crowd has good energy out there like way different than LA. It’s like they go off more.


Anything influence your guys’ clothing style?

S: The wallabies are just like a Wu-Tang east coast thing but anything I feel like my style is my own, like everyone’s got their own style.

K: We grew up skating and shit so that kind of influences us too.


What size deck do you ride?

K: Man, back then I was riding a 7.75 but right now I got an 8 just cruising and shit.


You been skating out here?

K: I can’t out here man. There’s kids everywhere so I kind of stay off the shit.


Is this your first time in the desert?

S: Nah, this is actually our third Coachella. We played in the Dolab before.


That’s dope! How has the vibe changed?

K: It hasn’t even changed. It’s like we are on a different side of the spectrum.


You guys seen anything crazy yet at the festival?

S: Shit, I met Kanye last night! I had a conversation with him.


Nice, what’d he say?

S: I mean he just gave me some inspirational words. I was like man you’re an inspiration and he was like I do this for you guys and that made me feel like an angel. And that’s what I feel like happens out here, you stumble upon the things that you need to hear or see or whatever it is you know.


What was the Heineken tent like during you’re set?

K: I mean we played right in the heat of the day so I think a lot of people were trying to cool down. We were trying to make sure people were turning up so it was really good.

S: Basically, how the set went was a gradual rise and at the end of the set it was just kind of insane.


You guys like playing Coachella?

S: Yeah, yeah, you can’t compare it to anything else.


How old are you guys?

K: We’re 27.


What other festivals are you guys looking forward to playing?

S: We have not done Bonaroo. We have done a lot of the more hippie festivals and stuff like that but we are trying to do festivals in Europe.


You guys fuck with Skepta?

S: Yeah of course Skepta is dope.


You guys have played HAM too right?

K: Yeah man. Adam and the HAM guys are dope, shout out HAM on everything.


You guys got plans for tonight?

S: Vince Staples is going to be dope.


What about after parties and stuff like that?

K: Jeremy Scott and then probably Neon Carnival.


Find out more about Two Fresh on their website:

By: Zach Boetto and Armand Hernandez


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