Death Grips - The Forum, London 020513 | Photo by Howard Melnyczuk

Death Grips Announce “Bottomless Pit” Release Date, Lyrics, and Tracklist.

Death Grips’ official Facebook profile today shared that their follow-up to “Jenny Death” will be available digitally in a few weeks on May 6th. On this same day, you will also be able to pre-order physical copies, which will be available not only on CD, but vinyl as well (which both come with a digital download the day of.) You can also view/download the lyrics to all of the songs now in anticipation of the coming release. The album will include not only Hothead but also 12 other brand new tracks, a decent amount for a Death Grips project. View the tracklist and cover art below and stay tuned for new songs and news.


01 “Giving Bad People Good Ideas”
02 “Hot Head”
03 “Spikes”
04 “Warping”
05 “Eh”
06 “Bubbles”
07 “Trash”
08 “Houdini”
09 “BB Poison”
10 “Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood”
11 “Ring A Bell”
12 “8080808”
13 “Bottomless Pit”

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