Hamburger Helper’s April Fools’ EP Is Turnt (Kinda)

April Fools is the worst holiday on the planet. Ever since I was was 14 years old and my dad convinced me he had bought me tickets to Comic Con, I have tried my best to sleep through April First. Usually, the jokes companies release for press are so cringy they make you contemplate deleting your social media. Every once in a while, the stunt is actually a brilliant idea that you regret will never be real. Hamburger Helper is different.

This year, the salt-content-so-high-it-might-literally-kill-you meals fly pretty low on the radar, but someone at Helper HQ decided to blow it all on making an EP. The five-track release is surprisingly well produced and effectively mimics the most popular sounds of today’s Southern Hip-Hop. Someone in the marketing department either listens to iLoveMakonnen and Migos not stop, or a 50-year old executive really did his research. The project really drops off in the last two songs, but the whole EP is worth listening to, if only to hear absolutely¬†ridiculous bars like “We not accepting no crumbs bitch/ Hamberger Helper or none.” But, be warned: you might end up listening to “Crazy” more than you listen to Drink More Water 6.

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