The Shane Show’s Top 5 Rants

The Shane Show’s host and resident hothead Shane Powers is perhaps the most opinionated individual on the face of the planet. It doesn’t take much to get him going, and his energy levels are usually through the roof. Perhaps the most entertaining part of his five day a week show, is the curiosity as to what Shane might blow up about that day. Any Shane Show highlight reel most definitely would include Shane’s loud outbursts he dishes out at his coworkers, his recording equipment, or even celebrities and starlets in the media. In honor of his website debuting this week, I’ve compiled a list of his most intense, funniest, and out there rants.

5. Cutting the show off early.
A recurring theme in the earlier episodes of the show was the lack of ink provided at the Dash Radio HQ. Powers is easily agitated if things aren’t set for him to run the show. Over and over sudden outbursts would come out of nowhere when Shane’s notes weren’t printed out by the time he got to the studio. The young producer, Noah started as an intern, but usually had difficulty using the printer as countless shows and radio hosts use the same printers for their supplies. At this point Shane gets so fed up and just decides to completely cancel the show ten minutes in, way before the usual two hour mark.

4. Indiana Religious Freedom Act
Never one to shy away from controversial topics the crew decide to dissect a new bill surfacing in Indiana. The bill would allow for businesses to use religious beliefs as a defense for discriminating against the LGBT community. Powers goes in on the evangelical proponents of the act and speaks out against the pure insanity of the law.


Similarly to the ink problem, Shane gets pretty PO’ed when things aren’t going right in the studio. In the early weeks of the Golf Media versions of the show stream quality would frequently cut out, the sound in their headphones would vanish, or maybe even the mixing board was out of wack. After pestering the sound guy, Bijan to fix the problem with the audio for days, he finally lashed out in a sudden and unpredictable outburst. Displeased with the sound of his voice through his headphones, Shane just gets out of the chair, unplugs his Beats and chucks them out the open door off of the balcony. These were never to be seen again and Shane promptly received a more satisfactory pair of headphones.

2. Shoot Congress
Shane describes himself as being a Republican, but more recently has started to feel the bern and has showed support for Democratic candidates in the upcoming Presidential race. Regardless of his party views Shane has very strong opinions about Congress and the way they respond to problems in America. One of his biggest disappointments in the Congress is based on the way gun control is being handled in the Senate and House. After multiple nationwide fatal shootings Shane comes with a solution of his own. He’s so upset with the fact that so many innocent young people have been killed, so instead he urges these murderers to target Congress instead. He doesn’t necessarily threaten the Congress in any way, but controversially insists that if such a tragedy occurs in Congress itself, then maybe they’ll finally be prompted to solve the problem once it directly affects them.


Another tirade from the man of the hour caught the attention of all the viewers and brought in countless new fans from the twitter and instagram videos all over the internet. Perhaps in his most berserk and aggressive rant in recent history, Shane is forced out of his chair and almost rips the mic off of it’s support. In another heated discussion about gun control, the show begins to speak about solutions to the problem of brutal massacres with guns. Powers discusses ways to make it more difficult for these evil individuals to access weapons of destruction. They propose limitations imposed if you have mental problems, convicted crime charges, etc. Knowing that of course the gun community would lash out about these seemingly helpful solutions Shane screams at the mic insisting he’s not trying to take your guns. He simply wants to make the world a better place and limit the number of these horrific tragedies.

There’s plenty more of these rants to go around on the radio show’s official website. The site is now available to the general public and early access members get free access to all of the archives available so far. Shane may seem like a mad loon sometimes, but I assure he is simply passionate about the world and life. Check out the site and The Shane Show channel on Dash Radio for more of the best radio you’ll ever observe.

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