“The Shane Show” Offers A Sneak Peak of Their Brand New Website

Tyler, The Creator’s Golf Media app is host to a large selection of unique content offered to his fans. For those that don’t know, this also includes a daily radio show hosted by Shane Powers on Dash Radio. The show airs Monday through Friday and stays on repeat on their own Shane Show channel on Dash. Daily recap videos similar to those you would see on Hot 97’s and Sway’s Youtube channels, appear on Golf Media featuring the whole lovable cast. Just today, they teased their much anticipated website which features past show archives, a live chat for listeners, and a forum for the growing fan base. As of now, only official Shane100 members, the most dedicated and hardcore fans have access to the site for the next 48 hours. This is serving as not only a benefit to the Stans, but a form of troubleshooting and traffic testing to help prepare for the global release. As a member, I’ve gotten to use the website and it runs very smoothly. It’s the perfect “social media” outlet for anyone who enjoys the show. You can chat with others and share topics and even have more interaction with the stars. Daily videos appear from the crew and they regularly post and comment making it a very fun line of communication amongst the community. It has been discussed on the show that there will be a variety of subscription fees depending on how you want to use the page. There will be an annual price for unlimited use, monthly payments, and possibly even paying individually for archived shows. More information will be revealed once the site is open to the general public, but in my opinion it’s worth it if the prices stand to be affordable. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you need to download the Dash Radio app for free and check out the Shane Show station. It has something for everyone and is the most entertaining podcast/talk radio around right now. Keep an eye out for the website’s opening and give a try for yourself.

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