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Our Vote For XXL’s 2016 Freshman 10th Spot

It’s that time of the year, XXL magazine will select premiere on the rise hiphop artists for their much coveted Freshman list. The Freshman List has always been an incredible insight into the up and coming artists that will entertain and influence the genre we love so much; the list has seen artists in the past such as Kendick Lamar, Kid Cudi, J Cole, and Travis Scott. While the editors for XXL are hard at work debating about 9 artists who should make the cover shot, we the readers can participate in the list by voting for an artist to secure the 10th spot. You can check out the list of artists available for your vote here. While most artist on the list are justifiably deserving of any spot on the Freshman list there can only be 10. Taking the vote into consideration I wanted to stray away from the artists I feel are obvious to already make the cover from the editors such as: Anderson .Paak, Bryson Tiller, Father, and G Herbo. I also took into consideration who I wanted to see/hear more of, and the artist’s impact on hiphop. Will all things considered I had to go ahead and vote for the “Panda” rapper Desiigner. I feel like Desiigner could be passed up on for the cover because of his lack of content, which is a big reason I voted for him, after bumping Panda over a hundred times I am left hungry for more music. Desiigner already has a Kanye West co-sign which is arguably carries the most weight when it comes to a cosign, (look at Travis Scott’s career) and has signed officially with GOOD Music. I believe Desiigner has a bright future with GOOD music and should most defiantly by an artist we all keep our eyes on.


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