Kendrick Lamar’s Surprise Project “Untitled Unmastered” Now Available

After a few days full of rumors and bragging from Top Dawg Entertainment, a new Kendrick album has arrived. After posting a schedule for TDE’s upcoming releases, the CEO teased that one of the projects would be available this week at an unannounced date. Turns out Lamar’s up first with a collection of tracks recorded over the past few years. It’s now available on iTunes and most streaming services as a collection of untitled tracks with only dates to set them apart from one another. The tracks feel reminiscent of “To Pimp A Butterfly” and likely come from the same recording sessions as the songs on his previous album. Naturally, it feels a little empty compared to a normal album release, but it’s definitely intended just to hold over fans until a proper LP follow-up can be crafted. Check out the cover art below, and give it a listen as soon as possible as Kendrick Lamar never fails to impress.

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