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Taking A Stand Against Troy Ave.

Let me start this off by saying I enjoy a good rap “beef” just like the next guy, but to hear the things rapper Troy Ave has been saying in spite of Joey Bada$$ about his longtime friend Capital Steez’s suicide is to far. For those of you who don’t know Troy Ave took the opportunity to make a diss record at Joey Bada$$ for his line on the track “Ready” Joey raps “With the 80/20 split, my ni**a, do the math, My ni**a Kirk [Knight] just outsold Troy Ave.” a pretty elementary diss if you ask me. Now I refuse to post the response from Troy as this man does not deserve one more listen/view for his disgusting remarks so here is a quote from the track “This gon’ leave you sad, bitch / Don’t get suicidal like your friend, here’s a casket / STEEZ burning in hell, my burner’s in my belt / I’m really killing shit, you ni**as killing yourself / Fucking weirdoes / Off the roof, steer clear, yo / This ni**a’s trying to fly, he think he a superhero / Splat, man, fuck you and that man / And all three labels you signed to, they wack, man”. A low blow to tell a  dead man who had nothing to do with the “beef” to burn in hell, and what does this say to the fans that deal with depression and suicidal thoughts daily? In some way Im sure we can all relate to the pain and suffering that revolves around suicide, the self-destruction of a man and the effect it has on those close to them is nothing to target as a sign of vulnerability. I know by posting this I am bringing this incident more attention, but my hopes from this is that we all ignore the man who is feeding off another man’s suicide, stop retweeting him, stop posting about him, and lets stand against Troy Ave showing him there is no room in the industry for this ingnorance. For not only being a fan of hiphop but for being a fan of human decency I refuse to ever support “rapper” Troy Ave so this is a head up in advance you will never see this blog speak on this man’s career again.

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