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Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

It’s 2016 and it’s time we get excited for some brand-spankin new music! Last year was amazing to us to say the least, but a handful of artists left us out in the cold, driving our anticipation to new heights. Our editors here at Typical have selected the projects they’re most excited for. Check it below and let us know what albums you’re anticipating most this year.

Alec Henderson:

Captain Murphy – “Untitled”

I must fully admit I was enthralled by the early mysteries of Captain Murphy and his secret identity, I was caught up in listening closely to songs, and joining in on forums with my own theories. Of course the mysterious MC was revealed to be none-other than Flying Lotus, but the mystique of the rapper was not his only enjoyable feature. Flying Lotus can rap! Finding the perfect balance of psychedelic production and cult-like lyrics Captain Murphy finds his place in Hip-hop. Besides a few singles we haven’t heard much from the Captain since his 2012 Duality project, and fans such as myself are starving for another full-length project. Lotus himself revealed at the latest Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival that the Captain would be making a return in 2016. No other information has been said, but we can expect the artist to roll out in cryptic manner as he does so well.

Drake – “Views From The 6”

Normally you wouldn’t expect an artist who did as much as Drake did in 2015 to already be dropping an album in the new year, but Drake is certainly not a “normal” artist. The rapper is arguably the best in the game right now, and he puts up a good case looking back at his last few projects “WATTBA” and “IYRTIATL”. What excited me the most about his upcoming projects is that the artist’s camp insists that these last few projects have been teasers or side projects while Drake has been putting his best work into Views From the 6. Insisting that these amazing album are merely throw-away tracks from his main-project, should be enough to feel the magnitude of the upcoming album. Drake and his closest produced “40” have both been on-occasion to say the album is coming “very soon” so it looks like we won’t be waiting much longer for the ambitious “Views”.

A$AP Ferg – Always Strive and Prosper

A$AP Mob has been the premiere rap group to watch the past couple years, mainly because behind the standout superstar A$AP Rocky is a squad of just as talented and diverse artists. A$AP Ferg for example his music has a life of it’s own separating himself from the pack, and to be honest with the reader he is my favorite member of the group as his skill-set and energy he brings to the booth is unmatched. Late last year Ferg dropped off the single for his upcoming album “New Level” proclaiming the artist is literally on a new level with his work. Ferg on his new album “It’s more musical. It’s just me going out the box. It’s not really my box. If you know me and my music, I do whatever the fuck I want to do. But I feel like for people who expect a certain type of Ferg, they’re going to get something totally different.” Always Strive and Prosper is set to release this January.

Jeff Lambrich:

Lupe Fiasco – “Drogas”

Lupe Fiasco started off 2015 right with a huge heavy-hitting album from out of left field. After losing much of his appeal from two weak album releases and a huge fiasco with Atlantic Records, Lupe made a return to form with “Tetsuo and Youth.” This lengthy album felt much more like the wordy, introspective, and clever Lupe that released “Food & Liquor” almost ten years ago. If that wasn’t enough, he even posted a free mixtape “Pharaoh Height” showing the naysayers that this wasn’t just a flash of brilliance, but he was back in action and better than ever. Lupe plans to release not just “Drogas”, but two more full length LPs in 2016, “Skulls” and “Roy”. Lupe is not known to always stick to the plans and goals he sets for himself, especially when Atlantic is involved, but hopefully he can at least get one of these albums out by the end of the year, “Drogas” being the first. According to a recent tweet, Lupe claims he’d like to retire after the trilogy is finished, and similarly he’s had trouble with this statement before as well. I take everything Lu says with a grain of salt, but I wholeheartedly believe that at least “Drogas” will release this year, and it might be his best yet.

Frank Ocean – “Boys Don’t Cry”

After virtually disappearing off the face of the planet after his masterpiece, “Channel Orange”, Odd Future’s premiere vocalist Frank Ocean left the music world distraught. Without any new singles, spare a couple throwaway tracks, a soundtrack song, and an Aaliyah cover, Frank has kept his fans almost completely in the dark about a follow-up. Franky startled fans a bit after a HuffPost interview saw him claim that who knows, he might not even make another album. Casual listeners and obsessives alike did not lose hope, and rightfully so. In April, Frank came out of his internet hiatus to announce that the next album was on the way. Fully equipped with hashtags hinting at a July release date and the assumed album title “Boys Don’t Cry”. However, here we are, its now 2016 and no project, let alone another teaser is in sight. At least we know the album is indeed a thing and it is on the way until we hear otherwise, but I have no doubts. Frank is one of the greatest singers in this generation of music, and he should take as much time as he needs, but there is no doubt that whatever he has in store is going to blow us out of the water, or should I say, Ocean.


Christian Rivera

Anderson .Paak – MALIBU

I dare you to find one artist hotter than Anderson .Paak right now….go ahead, try me (shouts out to Dej Loaf). The man has funk, style, and class above all. It’s almost as if Sly Stone reincarnated and his soul somehow meshed with a piece of Jimi Hendrix and the result is a space-age drummer from Oxnard. The reason I’m so hyped for this release is because: a) the features, Talib Kweli, BJ The Chicago Kid, ScHoolboy Q, The Game, Rapsody, and not one, but TWO choirs, The Timan Family and The Free Radicals Fellowship. b) the production value is through the roof, what other artist besides Dam-Funk do you know who’s still as jiggy as Anderson .Paak? Again, try me. The grooves seem celestial and the grooves are backboned by a solid drumming signature that create endless tides of rhythm for your ears to surf on. The concept seems simple, create great music that you can vibe to. With co-signs from Stones Throw, Dr. Dre, and The Game, a previously imaginative album, and spot on the this year’s Coachella line-up, it’s no wonder that 2016 will be the year of the loud .Paak.

Brandon Brown

Rihanna – Anti

I can’t recall a Rihanna album I didn’t enjoy. It’s been so long since I’ve honesty heard her do music. Rihanna’s strange absence from music is met with an even stranger tour announcement for ANTI, an album that doesn’t have a release date or single. I’d be lying if I said we aren’t still excited. Rumor has it that Travi$ Scott is the reason for ANTI’s delay because he want it’s to sound more “trap”. Rihanna producer “Glass John”, who seems like quite the weirdo, went on a Twitter rampage referring to Travi$ Scott in many derogatory words. We don’t care who’s fault it is. Get it out!

Kanye West – Swish


 SWISH obviously is one of the biggest albums of the year; YZY SZN is officially here. Kanye may prove to be one of the most versatile artists of all time on the evening of SWISH’s launch. With G.O.O.D. Friday’s now in full effect we’re going to get consistent heat from Ye and company. Real Friends & No More Parties In LA delivered the cliché “old Ye; hypothetically that should invigorate many Kanye fans who arbitrarily felt like he’s abandoned them. Ironically I didn’t realize until a few days ago that Feb 11th, the albums release date is the Thursday before NBA All-Star Weekend; Kanye you damn genius.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Schoolboy Q – “TBA”
  • Chance The Rapper -“TBA”
  • Run The Jewels 3
  • King Push

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