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Tyler, The Creator Calls Out Hodgy Beats on Stage (Camp Flog Gnaw)

Last night was full of excitement as fans enjoyed the Carnival rides, games, and food, but one could not miss the smell of beef that stunk up the air. During the sloppy, and honestly sad Odd Future set Hodgy Beats was very outspoken about his dissatisfaction with Tyler, The Creator, constantly remarking how he “stayed OG” while shaking his head when the other members would thank Tyler for the event. Of course T was there to witness the betrayal, and had a few words himself during “Fuck It” from his set. Check out the video below at the 38:00 minute mark.

Tyler says “Ive helped to many of my friends out, and N*ggas gunna come foul?”, and “yes its getting real”. This is pretty unfortunate to see two friends who shared success with each other beefing with each other over petty shit. I will update this video with footage of Hodgy’s remarks as they surface online.

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