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Artists We Want To See Play Coachella 2016


Kendrick Lamar



WE GON’ BE ALRIGHT! Released only 3 months into the year, To Pimp A Butterfly instantly became one of the best albums of 2015…and the year isn’t even over. The Compton-based rapper/poet previously performed the festival in 2012 and debuted “The Recipe” with Dr. Dre which catapulted the former into major success. It would be phenomenal to see K. Dot perform any song off any of his previous albums. Can you imagine a crowd of 100,000 all jumping and chanting along to “Backseat Freestyle” or “Alright”? Complete with a live-band and plenty of guests, hypothetically, this could shape up to become one of the most legendary performances in the festival’s history.




For not having released an album in the past three years, Rihanna is doing extraordinarily well. She broke a world record this year for becoming the first artist to sell over 100-million digital records worldwide. That is INSANE, congratulations. Aside from the milestone, she has also gone onto release a collaboration line with Puma™, a fragrance, and is set to release a new album titled ‘Anti’. Performing at the festival would surely be a break from the male-dominated acts as well as the energy and sing-along associated with hits-on-hits-on-hits. Picture yourself amongst the many waiting patiently for her to enter the stage, although what you weren’t expecting is for her to be lowered onto the stage by means of a wirework, followed by a spotlight and immediately drop BBHMM. The crowd goes wild.





Such few artists can create timeless music again and again…and again. From the well-done reinterpretations they have executed by songs belonging to Future Islands, Tyler, Lil B, Dornik and many more, to their recent collab album with Ghostface Killa; the Jazz group from Toronto sure knows how to produce tracks to excite and intrigue. The group walks late-afternoon onto the Mojave Stage, they wave and introduce themselves, then open with the entrancing “Kaleidoscope”, and end the night with a cover of “Hard In The Paint”. Audience members did not know what to expect, but they loved every minute of it.


Travis Scott

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Few artists could match the energy of a live Travis Scott show this year; the theme, rage; the color, red; the audience, restless; La Flame, unrestrained and wild (in a very good way). His intention indeed is to give the kids what they paid for, an experience. He opens up with the instrumental to “Quintana”, thousands of kids jumping up and down, waving their arms in the air, shouting the lyrics “STRAIGHT FROM MEXICO!” The bass is enormous, the energy is like lightning being struck throughout the crowd, men and women pass out, the crowd gets doused numerous times by water from Travis himself. Although some almost died, this was the best performance they will get to see this weekend, straight up.




ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 20: Future and Drake perform at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Block Show at Philips Arena on June 20, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)


Behind every great man is great grief, great strife, although Future Hendrix acknowledges the pain associated with pleasure, he never allows it to become an obstacle to success. Such is the duality of being. In recent years, Future himself has become quite the personality within the world. His influence now spans across many platforms: sports, music, choreography, memes, news, pop culture and so on. Not only has he released two successful albums within 2.5 months from one another, he has also gone from a rapper to so much more than that, he has established himself as an icon. The show starts with the menacing “Thought It Was A Drought” and cycles through 5 albums of consistent beast mode. Need I say more?


The Who



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With their upcoming World Tour in  2016, The Who have a possibility of headlining both weekends of the festival. Looking at their tour dates they have the first three weeks of April with no cities scheduled, could this mean that they’re trying to keep this under wraps? WHO KNOWS?!


The Internet



There’s something so satisfying with witnessing the development of musicians. Their sounds evolve, the topics may change, members may come or go, but the gift from talent to consumer is the music itself. With the recent release of Ego Death, the group returns with new members as well as a new sonic direction. Syd is more energetic than ever before with her performance, dancing, jumping, participating with the crowd. They open with “Gabby” and thousands of concert-goers flock the outdoor theatre to catch a glimpse of the electric performance.





It’s hard to imagine how Thundercat, being such an eclectic musician, has NOT played his own set at the festival…yet. He has amassed quite the portfolio of artists to co-op with: Flying Lotus, Suicidal Tendencies, Erykah Badu, Herbie Hancock, George Clinton, Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington. The man has the extensive reach and finesse. Provided that he does perform next year, it would be amazing for any of his friends to make an appearance. Plus it would be amazing to see “Lone Wolf & Cub” live.

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