[Opinion] Our Favorite Mixtapes of All-Time

Vlad Ivascu: Flatbush Zombies – Better Off Dead


I have to fully give credit to The Flatbush Zombies for putting me onto the whole NY movement. They were the first group that got my attention and managed to lead me to other artists like The Underachievers and Joey Badass, which I am still a fan of today. The first encounter I had with the group from Flatbush was when they released their single, Palm Trees, off of this very mixtape Better Off Dead. Previous to this instalment in their discography, the group put out their first work together, titled D.R.U.G.S, which I personally find less crafted than their successor. Their second project introduced a much more raw sound, with great verses from all 3 members, topped off with some amazing production from Erick Arc Elliott. Seriously, the beats Erick comes up with are incredible and they compliment that grimy flow perfectly. When it comes to picking a few favorites from this, I can’t. There are too many great songs and I can easily listen to this top to bottom and not get bored of it. With all the diverse sounds that are brought to the table, it is kind of impossible to get tired of, for me at least. With that being said, I would recommend you check out this mixtape and if you enjoy it, dive more into their work, they have some amazing stuff out there.

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