[Opinion] Our Favorite Mixtapes of All-Time

Christian Rivera: Einstein – Prodigy & Alchemist

There are many options when choosing which mixtape produced by Alan Chemicals would become your favorite. The relationship between Prodigy and Alchemist spans almost two decades and in that time, the two have evolved, seemingly perfecting both of their individual and collaborative styles to something considerate of a legacy. Prodigy provides the dark-narrative of his own experiences and perceptions, both sinister and respected, think of it as the soundtrack to the underworld; while Alchemist’s wonderfully sampled tracks reinterpret piano melodies as menacing, and guitar riffs as power ballads to their empire; construction via destruction. With features from Roc Marciano, Havoc, Raekwon, Domo Genesis and Action Bronson, this mixtape feels like a gift from the eternal rap gods themselves. I ultimately chose this mixtape due to its creative production and elaborate lyricism, both calculated and disastrous, like an audible atomic bomb.

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