[Opinion] Our Favorite Mixtapes of All-Time

Jeff Lambrich: Earl Sweatshirt – Earl

The premiere mixtape for Earl Sweatshirt really revitalized my interest in rap music. At the time, the majority of what I listened to only consisted of the mainstream, radio-friendly songs I was hearing everywhere. Once I saw the video for the self-titled track “Earl”, I really didn’t know what I was seeing, but I was mesmerized. I began looking for every piece of Odd Future music I could get my hands on, especially Sweatshirt’s. I, too grew up in California, skated, and loved rap music so I related to his image and interests, which just made me love the music even more. His lyrical skill was so impressive at the time especially considering how young, and how close to my age he was. The abrasive, violent, and shocking lyrics scared away the average listener, but looking at it from a technical standpoint, I found it to be perfect. This project introduced me to another of my favorite rappers Vince Staples, and really shifted my taste in music from that point forward.

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