[Opinion] Our Favorite Mixtapes of All-Time

Alec Henderson: Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever

I already know what you’re thinking “Wiz Khalifa?!” Yes Wiz Khalifa! Let’s be honest 2009-2011 Wiz Khalifa was nice, just cause his music fell off dramatically after his debut album “Rolling Papers” doesn’t take away my fond memories with his early mixtapes. Kush & OJ, Flight School, and Burn after Rolling are all classic mistapes in their own right, but Cabin Fever is something special! To this day Cabin Fever is the one and only mixtape that has never left my phones playlist since I downloaded it in 2011,why, because front to back the tape is 9 tracks of pure bangers perfect for any “turn up” occasion. For me this mixtape is pure fun with a ton of energy, and some slaps that I believe with get people raging for many years to come, it will transcend generations. This is easily Wiz’s best body of work, and very may well be for the remainder of his career. P.S. lets all forget Cabin Fever 2 was a thing.

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