[The Experience] A$AP Rocky & Wiz Khalifa Live

One of my best friends and I decided a few months back to see Rocky and Wiz live. We both live in Stuttgart, Germany and the concert took place in Munich, so a few hours away. We planned the whole event ahead and ended up having a road trip type deal, and it was so sick.

The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 and we got there I think about an hour, an hour and a half before they let people in. For pretty much every show I’ve been to (Tyler, Earl, Schoolboy, Flatbush Zombies) I was always in the front rows, so I always end up quite early in line, it just plays a major part in the experience for me. HIMG_9659owever, this time around, the concert took place in a larger arena than the previous shows I’ve attended. With that being said, the place was divided into two parts, the VIP and the normal standing places. We didn’t get the VIPs so we were stuck quite far from the stage.

Being a fan of Rocky for about 3 years, I was mainly hyped to see him, and Wiz was kind of a bonus. In the end, Wiz didn’t end up being as good as Rocky but far from being terrible. Before Wiz went on stage, the DJ turned me up with songs from Thugga, Future and Migos amongst others and fellow Taylor Gang member Chevy Woods as well as the mob (Nast, Ant and Twelvy) followed that. Unfortunately no Ferg, but that came to no surprise since he performed on the Tidal show the night before. Wiz then took the stage and played his most popular songs: “We Dem Boyz”, “Black & Yellow” and “See You Again”, he also did some new tracks from his upcoming Rolling Papers 2 album, which I’ve heard snippets of before and they bump. On top of that, other various songs from BlaIMG_9700cc Hollywood and 28 Grams were played, which were enjoyable.

Yet another 30 min pause in between sets, and the curtains went down. Rocky started with “Dreams” and he was performing from behind the curtains, while videos were being projected onto it. It was very artistic and I loved the idea. He went on for about 4 songs like this and then dropped it.

When it comes to the song choices, I was so content with what he performed. The majority of ALLA was played, “Shabba”, “Multiply”, “Wild for the Night”, “Goldie” and we also got the chance to rock out to some Nirvana and jump around to House of Pain. Not only were the songs on point, the live instruments and visuals in the background just added that extra touch. It was amazing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.54.19 PM2015 was a fantastic year for me and concerts but none of the others compared to this one. The scale was grand and the whole event was so well prepared by the artists, I absolutely loved it and recommend every A$AP Rocky fan to experience it. My likeliness for Wiz also grew and I will definitely be sure to give that Rolling Papers 2 a listen.


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