Road To: Monster 2 – Future


I Don’t Play Bout’ My Paper | DJ Khaled Feat. Future & Rick Ross

Future really is giving the rap game hell at this point. Most people don’t know what the fuck he’s saying, and that’s no slander. The ear of the Future Hive appreciates the lyrical flex of Hendrix and we simple cannot and will not tolerate words from the wave surfers like “all Future songs sound the same”. GTFO. Future blesses the Hook, Bridge and Outro of this DJ Khaled joint off of his new album I Changed A Lot.

Noteable Lyrics:

“Sippin’ my cup this muddy, muddy
When I fuck on these bitches no lovey-dovey
Got a flood on my wrist, it was mellow yellow
Had a flood on my wrist, it was yellow, mellow
Check on that chick out the melo
I got that white on that white on the Panamera
Lil momma walkin’ like Cinderella
See the fire on the pipes when I hit the pedal”

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