Road To: Monster 2 – Future

Monster 2 will be Future’s 4th full length project this year; without giving any date, songs or otherwise the internet still went crazy after the blatant LP tease. We’re all going to watch DJ Esco’s videos to perfect our dab in time for this launch though. Super Future is in the midsts of a legendary run that is making some of the most renown trap rappers in the game flinch. Even if you’re not a fan of Hendrix you have to respect the grind that has put him at the top of the rap game with two #1 albums in one year, WATTBA & DS2. The original Monster executively produced by young Metro Boomin’ released Oct 28th, 2014 just in time for Halloween. If you haven’t joined the Future Hive wave we’re going to help you get up to speed with Monster classics and new Future that’ll make your Halloween plans LIT.


All the songs with an asterisk are on Monster (the original)*


Mad Luv (Prod. By Metro Boomin’)*

Lyrically, the context of most of Mad Luv is flexin’. But this is a banger. Mad Luv is in my top 3 off the Monster tape; it’s just about embracing that moment of being on top of the game.

Notable Lyrics: 

“The molly is great with a tan, the presi it look like it’s dancin’
Diamonds is Mediterranean , this for the ones who abandoned me
My heart is so full of some anger, all of you niggas is dangerous
Drinking on Texas like I’m a Ranger
I would’ve text you if I wasn’t famous
I be with Russians so fuck you complaining?”

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