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Did Chance The Rapper just sneak diss Drake?

Remember awhile back when the 6God name dropped Chance The Rapper on “Draft Day“, which Drake swore was not a diss, but low-key kind of sounded like a diss to everyone else. Well it looks like Chance remembers that and decided to bar out a little reference to Drake’s label OVO on his latest track “Angels”. Chance’s verse lays out:

“Yeah nigga famous, you don’t know me though
But every DJ still play me though
Damn man I don’t even need a radio
And my new shit sound like a rodeo
Got the old folks dancing the Do-si-do
So they fuck around, sign me to OVO”

The verse clearly targets Drake and the role he has played in building of other artists career,it’s playful, but nothing to drastic I wouldn’t expect a Meek Mill type situation to come from this. It kind of feels like Chance gently tapped Drake back on the shoulder for his “Draft Day” Mention. Regardless of disses and all that nonsense the track is dope and worth a listen, check it out below:

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