Road to “SWISH”

Christian Rivera

If you’ve paid any attention to the media lately, I’m sure you could clearly tell it’s been a huge year for Kanye West. If you have not seen him with the Kardashians or watched his VMA acceptance speech, I’m sure you’ve heard him on the radio recently. Kanye’s been very successful in 2015 in terms of Music, fashion, and even television. His most recent release revealed his Fall Yeezy 2015 collection, and pushed his shoe collaboration with Adidas. As much attention as he’s garnered, the fans are left asking, where is the new album?

After the surprise and success of his most recent album, Yeezus, everyone has been waiting to see whats up the mastermind’s sleeve next. On New Year’s Eve, Kanye finally presented the world with a brand new song, “Only One”, a slow melodic tribute to both his mother and daughter. Soon after, the official video directed by Spike Jonze, appeared on Ye’s official VEVO. This had the fans instantaneously yearning for more Kanye and thus began the anticipation for his newest LP.

Then things got quiet for a little while. However, after Kanye’s hype train slowed down, he took the world by storm, putting out another track that some fans were familiar with. For months and months different versions of Kanye’s single “All Day” leaked on Soundcloud, Reddit, and plenty of other websites. Fans grew anxious after waiting to receive the CDQ, but after many changes and separate versions, Kanye premiered the final cut live at the 2015 BRIT Awards. He and plenty of familiar faces, such as Theophilus London, Vic Mensa, and more took to the stage for an energetic performance. The complete audio track then became available, featuring Paul McCartney, Allan Kingdom, & Theophilus London.

Shortly after, he then announced the album title and cover art. Ye’s seventh album was to be titled, So Help Me God, but fans weren’t given any additional information, except an interesting picture of the supposed album art.


Not soon after, Kanye decided to let the twitterverse know he changed his mind about the album, changing the title to the even less revealing, SWISH. He also stated he may change the name again, but was entirely unsure. This ultimately let fans down and led them to assume it may be longer than we think before we get to hear Kanye’s seventh studio project.

In the interim between singles and interviews from the college dropout, he has at least provided plenty of features and production credits to hold us over until SWISH, or whatever he chooses the name to be. One of the hottest songs of the summer, “FourFiveSeconds”, a Rihanna joint featuring Kanye himself and once again the legendary Paul McCartney. This song is currently sitting at a massive 233 million plays on spotify. Ye’s also lent production to The Weeknd’s newest album on “Tell Your Friends” Not to mention his guest verses on Travis Scott’s “Piss On Your Grave”, Tyler, The Creator’s “Smuckers”, and more recently, The Game’s “Mula.”

When Tyler, The Creator first announced the album Cherry Bomb, there was only a few short days left until the release. The tracklist and song titles remained under wraps at first, but tech-savvy hip-hop heads found the features listed in the descriptions in iTunes. The most surprising of the bunch being Kanye West and Lil Wayne featured on one of the later tracks. It sounded too good to be true, when the album dropped the leaked list was spot on. “Smuckers” is a blend of Tyler’s favorite Kanye and Wayne style. Kanye comes with one of his best verses in recent history. His typical confident and cocky personality shines and fits right in with Tyler and Weezy.

Not only does Ye keep coming with bars for his favorite artists, but he’s staying true to his roots and offering up production credits to hungry artists as well. Billboard chart topper, The Weeknd released his anticipated album Beauty Behind The Madness, with Kanye producing the sleeper hit “Tell Your Friends.” Rumors had been spreading about these two potentially collaborating ever since The Weeknd first received his major label deal, and plenty of photos appeared showing the two meeting and hanging out in the studio. Sadly he didn’t offer any vocal contributions, but his beats still give the track a life of their own, and Abel’s smooth singing became the icing on the cake.

Another rumor came to fruition when A$ap Rocky’s newest release, At Long Last A$AP, had a track not only co-produced by Mr. West, but also featuring an outro verse from the man himself. The production on this track sounds like a leftover from The College Dropout days, and A$ap’s smooth and slow side reaches its peak on this song.. Being that Kanye and Rocky are so in tune with the fashion and music world, it was only a matter of time before the two hit the studio to record.

Despite all of these major events in West’s career in 2015 alone, fans like myself still feel like they’ve been hung out to dry. All of this hype surrounding the album, a few vague statements and a handful of singles makes me wonder when we’ll get to hear the newest project. This year alone, plenty of huge Hip-Hop artists have supplied a ton of new tracks, mixtapes, and the like. Kanye’s just the next in line to have a major release to look forward to. However a recent interview with Vanity Fair sent the Rap world into a frenzy.

At his fashion show in September, Yeezy had just finished showing season 2 of his Yeezy line in SoHo. When being interviewed after this major event, the press wanted to know about the musical genius’ plan for the rest of his year. When asked about the new album’s release frame, West had this to say, “I’m not worried about the years, I’m worried about the life and the body of work that I can put out while I’m breathing.” This raises questions about how close he is to being entirely done with the album. Kanye always tends to be very meticulous with his music, and is a perfectionist in his craft. The song he played for the show had even been “…a year and a half in the making and it may be still a year from being complete.” Although it may take longer than we thought, Kanye is not the type of artist to put out a half-assed piece of work. The man has a lot going on in his life with his family and professional career, so he obviously doesn’t have enough time to do everything as quickly as we’d like. This doesn’t mean, however, that the work will suffer. At least Ye acknowledges that we’re anticipating the record, and that he’s not exactly putting it on the back burner. With all of this time in between releases, who knows, this may just be the best Kanye West album to date.



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