Dr.Dre’s Dream Tour

The Doctor doesn’t stop! After having a huge 2015 year with release of the long-awaited “Compton” album and biopic “Straight Outta Compton” Dr.Dre has revealed on his Beats 1 radio show he wants to make a joint tour across Europe with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Snoop Dogg. Heres what the Doctor had to say:

“One of my dreams right now is to be able to take my ideas and take a show over to Europe. I’m 30 years in the game right now and I’ve never been able to take my full production over to Europe. Me and Snoop—we’ve been over there. Me and Eminem have been over there, but it’s just been like spot dates and like taking a microphone over there with a DJ. I never had the opportunity to take the full production over there, and take my full body of ideas over there and present it to all the people over there in Europe that’s been representing and showing me love throughout my entire 30-year career. This is one of the things that I dreamed about doing. I want to call it Beats & Rhymes. I want it to be me and Snoop. I want it to be Eminem. I want it to be Kendrick Lamar. Do a tour over in Europe and call it Beats & Rhymes and take our full production over there and take our full stage over there and really go over there and show Europe the same amount of love that they been showing me throughout my entire career. So, that’s my dream. Hopefully we can make that happen.” – Dr.Dre

This dream of course has many fans excited, and well for god-sakes who wouldn’t be four hip-hop legends on one stage that’s explosive. Hoping Dre can make this tour happen I’ll hang on to my own dream of seeing this show hit the States as well.



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