The Best Travis Scott Songs You’ve Never Heard

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No one likes “that guy” who claims to have been listening to artist before they got mainstream. Unfortunately, I need to be that guy, Of course the artist we are talking about is Travis Scott. La Flame had a huge 2015 year with the release of “Rodeo”, a phenomenal album I might add, but many of his fans have only found out about the young artist this past year. Travis Scott has been putting out quality music for years now, I remember scavenging through the early Travis Scott music forums discovering these gems, I still listen to them frequently so I thought I would share a few for those who haven’t discovered them yet. Please note these are just few early tracks I wanted to showcase, and do not include songs off Owl Pharoah on purpose. These tracks are a must listen for new Travis fans so do yourself a favor and check them out.


This song is credited to being the way Kanye West’s team first discovered the Travis. This song has since been lost beneath the content, and few fans know of its existence. This song showcases Travis’s ambition through not only producing the track, but directing its video as well. Watching this video gives me chills knowing the young artist put everything he had into this early project and it changed his life forever.

12 Disciples

Depending on the day and mood I’m in I often consider this my favorite Travis Scott song, and it bums me out that most people have never heard this gem. The hook sticks like glue and it really empathizes the Kid Cudi influence on early Travis songs. Tracks like this really caught my attention early in Travis Scott’s career, and got me hooked.


Featuring Casey Veggies “Up” is now a three year old song that was really one of the first major break out songs for Travis Scott. What I like most about this track is that Travis is really rapping his ass off on this. As an artist that gets a lot of hate for not being a good “rapper” in terms of flow and rhymes, my only response to those haters is this song.

White Girls

This is by far the newest song I am going to throw on this list, but I find it essential as this song is amazing and highly underrated! For god sakes it has less then 300,00 views on Youtube. This track was off Belly’s mixtape “Up for Days”and featured a Travis hook that fully embodies his alluring style. Check it out!

16 Chapels

A track like 16 Chapels really shows off the early ambition of Travis, as this songs goes through several beat changes, and a ton of vocal progression. Early songs like this aren’t perfect, but I find enjoyment in listening to artists early work getting some insight on how they have grown and expanded on their early ideas.

Having been a Travis Scott fan for a couple years now it has been rewarding watching his career blow up to the scale it is today. My only hope is that as fans we don’t forget about some of these hidden gems that have shaped the artists career. Hopefully some of you heard something new here, and have a whole new appreciation on the artist, and I really encourage you all to look into some of the early tracks your favorite artists made on their road to success.


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