Earl Sweatshirt Finally Releasing His Albums On Vinyl


After teasing his twitter followers on Monday, Earl Sweatshirt announced plans to release both of his studio albums on vinyl. His newest release, I Don’t Like Shit, I Dont Go Outside, and even 2013s Doris will both be available for purchase. You can preorder both of these on Amazon, with an expected release date of December 11th, just in time for the Christmas season. Both of the presses also have new unique album artwork. No comments have been made yet as to how limited they are. They’re both priced at 18.98 with a pre order price guarantee. The new covers look much flashier than the originals, so fans have even more incentive to pick these up. A few select retailers may eventually put some up for sale, but I’d recommend just pre ordering through Amazon while supplies last to ensure you get your copy.



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