Breaking Down Tyler The Creator’s Video for “Buffalo”

It’s a double-feature at The Moon Theaters 

Following suit to his previous music video release off Cherry Bomb, Tyler, The Creator releases a two-in-one for all to enjoy. The music video starts off with “Buffalo”, a wild ride featuring Tyler with roles reversed as a white man hanged from a tree, in complete with a Frankentstein-esque mob and a jab at what it essentially means to be accepted in society. A previous “hanging” reference can be seen in his “Yonkers” video; this is his most recent reference to the character Wolf Haley since his “Tamale” video.

The video for “Find Your Wings” features an enclave of friends and fellow Odd Future label mates including: Steve Lacy, Kali Uchis, Syd Bennett, Left Brain, Jameel Bruner, Christopher Smith, and Mikey Alfred. It was edited to resemble the show Soul Train and have a film-look while performers play in front of a dancing audience.

The first-half provides a blunt, yet complex question for us to ponder, while the second half compliments the first with a less satirical 70’s styled performance, with plenty of Tyler’s friends portraying characters both in the band, and the audience. 

Tyler is not choosing one mood or setting over the other, he shows that he can be his own antitheses; he is both people at the same time.

Overall, the video followed the same format of two contrasting songs and visuals; from the softly lit “Fucking Young”, to the high-octane, Mad Max inspired “DEATHCAMP”; the isolated, thought-provoking “Buffalo” to the celebratory “Find Your Wings”.

Maybe the release of videos being too far-and-few-between is a strategy; or maybe it just takes longer than expected to write and direct your own videos; either way, the creativity shows and echoes on for fans everywhere to perceive.

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