Are Chicago Bulls fans in Denial?


Nothing says NBA basketball is right around the corner like a Derrick Rose injury. The Bulls guard sustained a left orbital fracture after getting elbowed in the face by a teammate during Tuesday’s practice, and he will undergo surgery on Wednesday. There is no saying how long he will be out until after surgery. In the past four seasons, Rose has missed 212 regular-season games because of a variety of injuries.

Bulls fans seem to think every year is the year Derrick Rose will stay healthy and be the best player in the league once again, but year after year he proves that theory wrong. I feel for you Bulls fans, not only do you have to watch Paul Gasol be the top 5 most boring players in the league, your star player can never stay healthy.

At what point does the Bulls organization go after a player to take the spot of arguably the most fragile player since T-Mac. I guess only time will tell, I wish the best of luck to Bulls fans and the bones in Derrick Rose’s body.


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