Tyler, The Creator Teases Something New is Coming

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The content never stops for Tyler, The Creator, while releasing something new on a daily basis via his Golf Media app, and being on tour with A$AP Rocky I just don’t understand how this guy gets so much done. Regardless of how he does it I’ve been enjoying every moment and am excited to see that something new is coming this Thursday. Teased through Tyler’s Instagram is a photo of T’s eyes captioned “thursday; 6pm; cali time”. What could it be? While some believe it is going to be a look book for Tyler’s popular Golf brand, I on the other end am leaning toward a new music video featuring songs off Cherry Bomb. Tyler has a built a reputation of directing some of the best videos this generation, and we are over due for the 2nd Cherry Bomb music video. I for one am hoping to see a video for “Two Seater” as that song has been on repeat all summer, and would be very eager to see what Tyler’s image of the song would look like. We will have to wait a little long to find out what exactly is being teased, but for the mean time it’s fun to guess, let us know what you think is to come. Check out the tease below:


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