Raury, Politically Involved? Or Publicity Stunt?


With the up and coming artist Raury scheduled for his major label debut, many still doubt if he can sell records. He made a splash with his mixtape Indigo Child, and he plans to keep the momentum going strong with his album titled All We Need scheduled for release on October 16, but does he still have enough hype to move major label numbers? Well during a performance on The Late Show with Steven Colbert, the young artist decided to start a little controversy. During the performance of his first single Devils Whisper, he decided to sport a Mexico soccer jersey with the name Trump crossed out on the back.


Coincidentally, presidential candidate Donald Trump was a guest on the show that night, detailing his plan on building a giant wall between the U.S. and Mexico. So does Raury actually care, or is he using this situation to gain some buzz? Well one thing is for sure, the young man got the attention he wanted, now let’s see if he can deliver with his new project. You can watch the performance Here and judge for yourself.

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