Five Joint Hip-Hop Albums That The World Needs


From Bad Meets Evil to Watch the Throne, joint albums are stirring up hip hop in new and incredible ways. After the successful release of What a Time To Be Alive, it’s easy to see that joint albums are here to stay. Here are some of the five joint projects that every hip hop fan would be blessed to hear.

Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper

Chance and Childish are two of the most original hip-hop artists around. Both artists exist somewhere in the space between rapper and singer, allowing them to truly connect to their tracks and switch instantly from rap verse to vocals. Even though “Worst Guys” fails to bring out Chance for anything more than a single phrase and “Favorite Song” keeps both artists in a traditional hip-hop box, a true paring of these artists would yield tracks that would force all listeners to sing and rap along. A while back, the “Roscoe’s Wetsuit” meme Donald Glover popularized turned out to be the name created when Glover and Bennet’s names were run through a WuTang name generator. Sadly, the artists revealed that they were working on a project, but it lost momentum. Hopefully, the success of WATTBA forces the two to get back into the studio together.

Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples

Anyone who saw Earl and Vince perform together at the 3rd Annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival knows that these two have serious chemistry. Every time the two make a track, the result is gold. They’re gritty underground styles pair better than butter and toast. Earl’s complicated flow combined with Vince’s hard hitting lyrics creates a duo the likes of which we hip-hop hasn’t seen since Bad Meets Evil. An entire Earl Staples project would breed tracks with more intensity than the combination of plastic explosives strapped to a 5,000-gallon drum of gasoline. Pepper in some Larry Fisherman and Randomblackdude beats and you have a recipe for total rap game domination.

Travis Scott and Young Thug

At this point, we know that Kanye and Travis Scott are about to drop some massive heat but imagine the insanity of a Young La Flame mixtape. Travis Scott crooning over a booming chorus and Young Thug spitting his unmatched punchlines over multiple tracks would be too much to handle. Anyone who listens to “Skyfall” knows that Thug and Scott are a match made in heaven. The resulting performances would be the hip-hop equivalent of a Metallica show. Plus, everyone knows the best time to see a Rodeo is during Slime Season.

Black Hippie

Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul are some of the best artists in hip-hop today. Coming up together in Top Dawg Ent. allowed these artists to grow as individual musicians and as a unit. You can’t listen to “Vice City” without being amazed that these four rappers, who have completely different styles and varying content in their albums, can come together and create a track that has a singular theme yet demonstrates each member’s abilities. Now that Jay Released his newest studio album, its time for all of Black Hippie to come together and prove their superiority in hip-hop.

J Cole and Kendrick Lamar

Since 2011, Kendrick and J Cole have been teasing a project together. Word around the rumor mill is that their collab project should be dropping soon, and for the sake of the fans, I hope this rumor is true. Kendrick and J Cole have both manage to transcend genres on their most recent solo projects, blurring the lines between rap, jazz, funk, and soul. Together, the duo could weave a masterpiece of genre-bending music that would force its listeners to walk with a little more rhythm in their step, while still dropping a few bangers for your next party.


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