Road to “Boys Don’t Cry”

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean fans everywhere are letting off steam through internet memes caused by the delay of his forthcoming album “Boys Don’t Cry”. While I completely understand the frustration about the lack of music it’s important to note that Frank hasn’t left us in a complete drought since his 2012 “Channel Orange”. Here are the essential tracks Mr.Ocean has left us with while we wait impatiently for “Boys Don’t Cry”.

Blue Whale (2012)


Released via his Tumblr page, Frank Ocean surprises by dropping an unexpected track that only features him rapping. This of course isn’t the first time we have heard or been surprised by Frank’s rap skills, it was the first time we heard a solo track of him exclusively rapping. What proved to be a great track, many fans would agree that we need more tracks from him like this.

Blue Whale (Listen Here)

Wiseman (2012)


Originally made for Quintin Tarantino’s Django Unchained (although un-included in the film) “Wiseman” would be released on Frank’s personal Tumblr alongside its lyrics. “Wiseman” would later be picked up by the boxing film “Southpaw” during its credits scene.

Wiseman (Listen Here)

Eye’s Like Sky (2013)

Supposedly an unreleased track from “Channel Orange” Eye’s Like Sky would find it’s way online, a smooth track over a gentle acoustic rhythm.

Eyes Like Sky (Listen Here)

Hero (2014)


Through Converse’s ninth installment of “Three Artist’s One Song” (a wonderful series that bring three artist’s from separate genres together for a one-off single) Frank Ocean was paired up with two members of the legendary punk band The Clash and producer Diplo. This very ambitious track pays off and remains to be a fan favorite.

Hero (Listen Here)

Memrise (2014)

Two years after Frank’s success with Channel Orange, he would upload a brand new titled “Memrise” teasing his fans with his new sounds. “Memrise” was only a two-minute song, but it was just enough to keep us clicking repeat for months.

Memrise (Listen Here)

At Your Best Cover (2015)

Released through… well his Tumblr again of course, Frank released this cover in tribute to what would have been Aaliyah’s 36th birthday. Even though this song is a cover, Frank offers one of his best vocal performance’s reminding everyone why he is in fact one of our great artists today.

At Your Best (Listen Here)

Enjoy these tracks will continue this long stretch to “Boys Don’t Cry”


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