Rocky and Tyler: A Look Back at Their Relationship

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For years now blogs and fans alike have been skeptical about a potential beef between the two hip-hop giants that came to fame around the same time. Its the classic East Coast vs West Coast beef that we so commonly cling to. With the news of A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator taking part on a joint tour it would be safe to say all rumors of an alleged beef have come to a stop. (Full disclaimer, I am a huge fan of both of these guy’s careers, and could not be happier to see them on tour together.) That isn’t to say there have been reasons to think otherwise throughout the years. Here is a quick glimpse at a few Rocky/Tyler moments through the years:


Directing Drama

From the very beginning of his career Tyler has been the man behind the camera for his music videos, something he’s been very proud of and has been well received by fans. When Danny Brown’s video for “Blunt After Blunt” was released with the credit for A$AP Rocky directing, he was quick to tweet ” The Term Video Director Is Thrown Around Very Loosely Now Days”. Of course this sparked an uproar online leading many to believe this sub-tweet was a shot at Rocky.  Tyler’s tweet even sparked a reaction out of A$AP Ant:

 Tyler has a Fucking Problem with Fucking Problems

Again Tyler’s tweets has put him in subject of a diss. Following the release of Rocky’s hit “Fucking Problems”. Rocky not one to stir up a beef responded by saying “He has his opinions and he’s entitled to them, so it’s whatever” and “Hell no, I’m not tripping over what Tyler, The Creator said. I’m Jiggy.”

Hodgy twitter beef

After A$AP Rocky’s Peso video dropped Odd Future’s own Hodgy Beats tweeted “A$AP Copy” accusing Rocky of stealing their taste in style, mostly because of the Supreme towel worn on Rocky’s head. Rocky would later comment on the mention.

A$AP Rocky Responds 

When asked about his beef with Odd Future, Rocky denies any bad feelings towards the group.

Although the two artist’s and their hip hop collectives may have had a few bumps in the road it all eventually lead to a tour that is sure to make some serious noise. Be sure to check out Rocky and Tyler along with Danny Brown and Vince Staples at these select dates.


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