Social Media Buzzes Over Baby Future & Russell Wilson Photos


I’m pretty sure by now you may have seen the big debate of the week so far as photos of Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson was seen hugging baby Future. The son of his current girlfriend Ciara and her former fiancé Future. Both Ciara and baby Future payed Russell a visit at training camp as he and the rest of his teammates prepare for the upcoming NFL season. Nonetheless, the photos created a debate on all social media platforms as some felt that Russell was out of line for embracing his girlfriends child, while others felt like there was no problem with his gesture.

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With many sharing their disapproval of Russell hugging another mans child, baby Future’s father shared his thoughts on the photos without naming anyone specifically.





Last month while promoting his recent album DS2, Future stopped by Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club to express his disapproval of Russell interacting with his son. Once the latest photos of Russell and baby Future hit the internet, Charlamagne  Tha God did not hesitate to give Russell The Donkey of the Day.




Do you feel like Russell Wilson is in the wrong?



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