Urban Management And Typical BS SOBs Artist Showcase

Typical BS SOBS

Thursday is a big day; why? We’re co-hosting Urban Management’s artist showcase at the legendary SOB’s venue in NYC. Our line-up consists of four upcoming artists that are all unique in their own respect. The event opens up with Elijah Harris and Wise two young hip hop artists current to what we hear on the radio, but with a unique sound. Elijah is a crossover artists of smooth vibes and not always uptight in rap; his sound tabs into R&B without losing the hip-hop side of things. Wise is a conscious rapper all the way but doesn’t drag us down in conspiracy like most tend to; he draws inspiration from Tupac and Nas. Headlining the show is Josh London; an edgy alternative R&B singer that can vibe with the guitars. A sample of his music can be seen below. Finally we have Vaughn Anthony. Vaughn is a veteran amongsts the line-up after sharing the stage with tons of talent including India Arie, Estelle, Rick Ross, John Legend, and many more. Vaughn served as John Legend’s back-up singer from 2005-2010 while writing songs and molding his future career. He is now ready to take the industry by storm as a solo artist. Check out all the acts below. It’s not just a concert, it’s a party.

Hosted by Maria Davis (think Jay-Z 22 Twos)
Special Appearance By Pepa (Salt N Pepa)

Address: 200 Varick St, New York, NY 10014
Doors Open At 7pm.

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