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CM Punk Loses WWE Championship!?


So with the dust finally cleared from the absolute brawl that took place this Royal Rumble. One question comes to mind…Why? Each main event had tremendous energy with outcomes that were favorable, and to be expected. But one decision of the writing department in the WWE leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The decision to move forward with The Rock as the new WWE champion.


Now I love The Rock all the way down to my core, but he should not be WWE champion. The Rock is a part-time wrestler, which means he is not penciled in for every single show WWE broadcasts. CM Punk has wrestled for 99.9% of his entire reign as the WWE champion, which expands for 434 days. To lose the title to a wrestler regardless of how “great” he is that has only been around consistently for 4 weeks is ludicrous, and disrespectful to the rest of the WWE wrestling talent.

In hindsight I can see what the writing department is pushing towards for WrestleMania 29, and it is a John Cena Vs The Rock rematch for the WWE championship. In which The Rock drops the title to Cena, and goes to work on Fast 6. Obviously this all subject to change; and I for one cannot accurately guess what the writing team is going to move forward with. But this was a huge waste of time building the 6th longest reign in WWE history. If they’re just going to give the title back to Cena, and give CM Punk’s character the backseat again. If The Rock, and Cena do have their rematch what was the point in calling their first match…“once in a lifetime”.



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