Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and Drake Beef Over Rihanna


Chris Brown and Meek Mill recently exchanged a couple words on Twitter over CB’s ex, Rihanna. Why? Apparently, Chris Brown took Meek Mill off his upcoming single because he found out Meek had been messing with RiRi. Meek said on Twitter: “U took me off ya song cause she let me watch the throne!” directed at Chris Brown, before deleting it soon after. It looks like there was some content being made behind the scenes with Chris and Meek but now it’s likely buried because Chris Brown’s “feelings” got involved.

The name of Chris Brown’s new song that Meek Mill got removed from was “Don’t Judge Me”.
Meek and Chris exchanged some more words that seemed to hit low, but not before Drake jumped into the conversation. We’ve all seen Drake spotted in significant outings with Rihanna so it’s best to say that we’re not surprised he got involved.
Chris Brown finished up with a special “fuck you from the bottom of my ballz”, holding in his pain.
To laugh at the full conversation, check out MissInfo via GG.
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